Paul Marangoni


Jazz Martyrs

Aural Recall

Released May 1, 2022

Jazz Martyrs 'Aural Recall' CD Cover

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Jazz Martyrs

Along Similar Lines

Released May 1, 2017

Jazz Martyrs 'Along Similar Lines' CD Cover

The Trio of Stridence

Auditur Periculosum

Released January 18, 2013

The Trio of Stridence 'Auditur Periculosum' CD Cover

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Lady Katherine

Paint the Walls

Released in 2011

Lady Katherine 'Paint the Walls' CD Cover

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Various Artists

Mahavishnu Re-Defined Vol. 2

Released in 2010

'Mahavishnu Re-Defined Vol. 2' CD Cover

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Released in 2007

Seventy4our 'Jera' CD Cover

Freddy Curci


Released in 2006 on Frontier Records

Freddy Curci 'Zion' CD Cover

The Brothers Dimm

To Oblivion

Released in 2006

The Brothers Dimm 'To Oblivion' CD Cover

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Janeen Leah

Time Is Never Wasted

Released in 2005

Janeen Leah 'Time Is Never Wasted' CD Cover

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The Trio of Stridence

Pastrami Standards

Released in 2005

The Trio of Stridence 'Pastrami Standards' CD Cover

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Adrian Davison


Released in 2005

Adrian Davison 'Zeitgeist' CD Cover

Alex Masi

Eternal Struggle

Released in 2001 on Lion Music

Alex Masi 'Eternal Struggle' CD Cover

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Various Artists

Supper's Ready: A Tribute To Genesis

Released in 1995 on Magna Carta Records

Various Artists 'Supper's Ready: A Tribute To Genesis' CD Cover

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Martin Shaw

New World Mosaic

Released in 1991

Martin Shaw 'New World Mosaic' CD Cover

The Works

From Out Of Nowhere

Released in 1989 on A&M Records

The Works 'From Out Of Nowhere' CD Cover

Adrian Davison

Bass Symphony

Released in 1989 on Prodigy Music

Adrian Davison 'Bass Symphony' CD Cover