Paul Marangoni


Music Instruments & Related Equipment


I play Paiste Cymbals, and use any combination of:

  • Formula 602 (Classic & Modern Essentials)
  • 2002
  • Masters


I am currently playing Yamaha Recording Custom drums in the Real Wood finish. For snare drums, I play a 6 ½" deep Ludwig Super Sensitive Hammered Black Beauty with tube lugs and die cast hoops, or a 6 ½"deep Yamaha Recording Custom Aluminum snare drum with aluminum die cast hoops, or an 8" deep Yamaha Recording Custom birch snare drum with Ludwig die cast hoops. All hardware and pedals are by Yamaha.

I play with Vater sticks and brushes.

All my drums are outfitted with Remo heads (Coated or Clear Ambassadors).