A Bit About Me

I began drumming at the age of 13. I was initially inspired by the music of The Beatles, The Who, Cream, Badfinger, The Raspberries, Boston, Chicago, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Rush, Van Halen, Toto, etc. As my understanding and skills developed, I became interested in bands like Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Bruford, Brand X, Jethro Tull, UK, and Frank Zappa.

I soon found myself fascinated by more improvisational music and began listening to the music of The Pat Metheny Group, Allan Holdsworth, Weather Report, Jean Luc Ponty, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin, Stanley Clarke, Return To Forever, Jeff Beck, Jaco Pastorius, Tony Williams, etc. As I found out more about the history of these great musicians I was listening to, as well as who their influences were, I became consumed by the music of Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, etc.

Although I was self-taught at first, I eventually studied privately and worked out of the standard books such as "Syncopation" and "Stick Control", as well as more recent classics like Gary Chaffee's series of books. I found the study of polyrhythms and metric-modulation very interesting and Gary's books are the cream of the crop in that area. More recently, I discovered and began working through John Riley's books and I highly recommend them to anyone serious about playing jazz.

Some bands and artists I've worked with include: The Trio of Stridence, Freddie Curci, Alex Masi, The Brothers Dimm, Looks Like Rain, Janeen Leah, Over the Garden Wall (Genesis tribute band), Andy Curran, Warren Toll, FM, Eugene Smith, Zappacosta, The Works, Adrian Davison, David Gibson, and Coney Hatch. I'm currently recording and performing with Jazz Martyrs.

Selected discography...

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Contact: info (at) paulmarangoni.com.