Music Instruments & Related Equipment


I play Paiste Cymbals, and use any combination of:

I generally play a 22" ride, 14" hi-hats, use two or three crashes, and at least one splash cymbal. Sometimes I like to add a flat ride and a China type too.


I am currently playing my favorite drums of all time: Yamaha Recording Custom drums in the Real Wood finish. For snare drums, I play a 6 ½" deep Yamaha Recording Custom Aluminum snare drum, or an 8" deep Yamaha Recording Custom birch snare drum, or a 6 ½" deep Yamaha Tour Custom maple snare drum. All hardware and pedals are by Yamaha.

I play with Vater sticks and brushes

All my drums are outfitted with Remo Coated or Clear Ambassador or Emperor heads. My snare will occasionally be outfitted with a Coated Controlled Sound head with a clear dot underneath.


When I handle the recording engineering myself, I use a Roland Studio Capture with Cakewalk (formerly Sonar by Cakewalk) and mic things with Audix microphones.